Antique China Questions About Replacement China Pieces

Betty asks…

Does anyone have infomation on how to find replacement pieces for a set of china?

I received a set of china for a high school graduation gift from one of my aunts. She was stationed in Okinawa at the time and brought the china set back with her. I lost over half the set in a fire about three years ago. The set is nearly 40 years old now but I really want to replace the missing pieces so I'd appreciate help finding a way to find a way to locate and buy replacements.

Ling answers:

Helen asks…

Where can I find replacement pieces of china for a dinner set that is over 30 years old?

Ling answers:

Replacements, Ltd.

Steven asks…

Does anyone know a good place to get replacement pieces of china?

I bought a service for 8 set of china and it was missing only one piece...a saucer. I've checked and didn't find my piece. Does anyone know of another place to get replacement pieces?
Well, the thing is, I found my pattern, but isn't showing only the has a listing for the cup and saucer set and one for the cup only...but not for the saucer. Looking further I found a listing for a demitasse saucer, is that the same thing? The pattern is a Henneberg Porzellan HEP3

Ling answers:


you will have to purchase a cup and saucer as they are only sold in a set for $37.99 or so.

Hope this helps.

Maria asks…

I am unable to find replacement pieces for my Delux Japan, silver ring china set.?

I have searched , ebay, and every other one I could find? I have gotten some feed back and have been told that this set is old,and rare. How will I ever find out anything about this set and replace the missing pieces. please help.

Ling answers:

Very difficult task indeed. You might want to try setting up a search agent on eBay or craigslist to see what it can find over doesn't cost anything and you'll be notified by e-mail once someone posts something that matches.

Michael asks…

where can i find replacement pieces for House of China Dresden dinnerware set about 50 years old.?

Ling answers:

I know it seems simple, but be sure to do a search on E-Bay. I just found replacement sets and individual pieces for my china, which has been in the family for over 40 years. I was amazed as to how many sets were available. As of today, there are 31 listings for Dresden china on the site, but I am unsure if they match your pattern.

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