Antique China Cabinets

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antique china cabinets
antique china cabinets
Finding who made an antique piece of furniture?

We have an old china cabinet that has been in the family for a few generations, and i was curious to find more information about it. Where would i find the maker? I've looked everywhere without much luck. Help!

One place you can look is to get a few pictures of your piece and take them to as many appraisers as you can find. See what their initial impression is. Those guys have to go into people's houses and give an appraised value for furniture all the time - that makes them fairly good at guessing the age and perhaps even the maker of a piece.

Then you can go to the library and get books on furniture and see if you can spot any line of antiques which look like yours.

Also take a look at your old piece - what is the back made of? How are the hinges made - glass - is it wavy. Look for dovetail joints, old square nails, parts that still have the jack plane marks on them from when they made the board. All these things help date a piece too.

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